Neil Perlman,MD, The Quit Doctor

Medical Director of ElectroMed Technologies LLC

Dr. Perlman is a practicing physician board certified in Internal Medicine. He is actively involved in pharmaceutical research studies, and is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Rush University in Chicago where he is pursuing smoking cessation research. Before that, Dr. Perlman was active in health promotion when he joined the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill as an Assistant Professor, and was appointed Medical Director of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol. He attended the University of Illinois for medical school and Northwestern University for Residency Training. He received his undergraduate degree in Bio-Engineering from the University of Illinois.

Dr. Perlman is also an avid public speaker on the dangers of cigarettes and smoking cessation therapy. His talks range from small smoking cessation lectures through University Grand Round presentations. He is available for corporate lectures and personalized smoking cessation sessions in his medical office in Vernon Hills, Illinois. If you would like to learn more, please call his office at 847-984-6450.







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